October 2017

Cultural Alliance

Undisciplined was the first event of its kind in Tasmania. It was held over two days in October 2017 at four different venues. It was a vast achievement that was to be a dynamic process fully engaging all those who attended. Conversations, ideas and ways of working are invaluable to us and we wanted to hear and showcase them.

To oil the wheels we’ve invited people with a demonstrated interest in pushing creative boundaries to either speak directly to you, or to participate in panel discussions. These guys are established pioneers in the discipline of breakthrough thinking. Whether they’re dancers, producers, writers or ditch-diggers, they’ve chosen a path that’s individual and craves insight into the world. In a spirit of generosity, they will share their journey with us in the hope of exciting us sufficiently to think outside the square. We hope they will shine a light on the way forward in an increasingly confused world.

An exceptional guest speaker at the opening reception party was Don Watson.

He’s a quintessential Australian writer with a vast array of credits. Don worked as Keating’s speechwriter and subsequently wrote ‘Recollections of a Bleeding Heart’ about his time with the Prime Minister of the day. Don is widely credited with writing the very famous ‘Redfern Speech’. Among other major credits are Don’s book on America – ‘American Journeys’ , ‘The Bush’ about Australia’s past, and his series of books about the decline of “public language”, ‘Death Sentence’ (2004) ‘Weasel Words’ (2005), ‘Bendable Learnings’ (2010) & ‘Worst Words’ (2015). He’s a humble character but undoubtedly has one of the best creative minds in the country.

Undisciplined is being produced by Pippa Dickson, a dynamic Tasmanian (now) who is heavily invested in the arts and culture of this state. The Board of Creative Island is excited to be able to work with Pippa in bringing Undisciplined into being and considers that the invitees are going to deliver something unique to our island in October. “Pippa has carefully selected people who are connected by an openness, generosity and a type of smarts, that if you could, you’d bottle it.” Kristy de Salas, Chair of Creative Island – “Undisciplined is a breakthrough platform and for this to work we need an exceptional vision behind it. Pippa’s such a person and it’s great to have her leading this exciting event.”