Friday 20th October // Macq 01 Hotel 

Sara Wright is an interdisciplinary artist with a socially engaged practice that moves to collectively re-imagine and find healing in the society and public places we live in together, re-awakening the innate human ability to access creativity, connection and our healing relationship with nature. By acknowledging the sensory in her art practice and the intrinsic values of us all, she finds the surface of our contemporary society becomes disrupted, and beautifully remade to reflect deeper connections, broader ecologies. Sara founded Silver Lining Projects in 2012 to encapsulate a co-producing, collaborative way of working for health and humanism, adaptation and resilience. She is Artist in Residence at the Royal Hobart Hospital Emergency Department (RHH ED), working with staff and community to re-imagine a more human experience, and partners with the MONA 24 Carrot Gardens Project.